MyClimate carbon-neutrality label

Based on a partnership with myclimate, CISBAT 2019 will be carbon neutral. Compensation for an estimated 182 tons of CO2 emissions  (including participants' travel and lodging, infrastructure, meals etc.) will benefit high-quality myclimate climate protection projects.

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  • We invite participants from Europe to travel by train: check the quantities of CO2 emissions you can avoid by travelling by rail using ! Often the difference in travel time is not as expected!
    CO2 emission examples
    Munich - Geneva: Flight: 94 kg (4h45) - Car: 112 kg (6h03) - Train: 27 kg (6h55)
    Florence - Geneva: Flight: 157 kg (4h45) - Car: 120 kg (6h03) - Train: 30 kg (6h55)
    Nantes - Geneva: Flight 133 kg (4h28) - Car: 148 kg (8h02) - Train: 42 kg (6h12).
  • We will distribute less printed matter and considerably increase the part of recycled paper vs FSC.
  • Much less meat - our cooks will show you just how good vegetarian food can be.
  • All electricity consumed at EPFL is green! Charge your phone directly in the main conference hall.

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