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Guidelines for ON-SITE POSTER presenters

All posters will be accessible to participants in an online showroom, accompanied by a pre-recorded 1' pitch presentation, which will also be shown in a video loop on-site. The A0 paper copies will be displayed in the on-site exhibition space and given special attention during dedicated poster sessions following the corresponding oral sessions, introduced by the session chairs. The poster exhibition space is located in front of the conference rooms, where participants will circulate during coffee and lunch breaks.

  1. Preparation of poster (Submission 15 July to 25 August)
  2. Recording of 1' pitch presentation (Submission 15 July to 25 August)
  3. Presence & presentation during CISBAT 2023

1. Poster preparation

  • Size: A0 portrait (upload file can be reduced to A3 min.)
  • Content: title, author and affiliation, objectives, methodology, results and conclusions.
  • Appearance: focus on illustrations, prefer graphs over tables, text minimum 6 mm and supporting illustrations rather than stand-alone. Presentation from left to right, top to bottom. Please note that there is no template; we like diversity!
  • Submission with your 1' pitch presentation (see below) between 15 July and 25 August through the CISBAT Conference Management Tool.
  • Photo identifiying the presenter: for easier identification and networking, you may like to include a photo of the presenter in the poster.
  • Display: please take along your A0 poster and display it on your arrival until the end of the second conference day, on the panel that bears the number of your contribution as indicated in the program booklet. The hosting team will be pleased to assist you. Drawing pins will be available on site.
  • Unforeseen absence: if for any reason you cannot attend the conference in person, please inform us as soon as you know. Empty poster display panels are not nice to see and take up valuable space!

--- INFO---: Should you not be able to print your poster beforehand, you can do so in Lausanne. There are two possibilities: 1. In town centre:  CopyQuick P.A. Mouttet SA, Place PΓ©pinet  1, 1003 Lausanne. On weekdays open 8:15 – 12:00 13:30 – 18:00 2. Print service on EPFL campus: http://repro.epfl.ch/location (5' from EPFL metro stop). Open weekdays 8:30 - 11:00, 13:30 - 16:00. Allow some time - they tend to be very busy.

2. Recorded pitch presentation of 1'

We kindly ask you to pre-record a 1' pitch presentation of your poster (by zoom or a similar tool), showing one slide, and submit it as an mp4 file between 15 July and 25 August, with your poster, for the online poster showroom.

Your presentation:

  • One slide that highlights the most important message
  • Show both speaker and slide
  • Duration: no longer than 1'
  • Recording your pitch: guidelines [pdf]
  • Submission with a pdf of your poster between 15 July and 25 August through the CISBAT Conference Management Tool

3. During the conference

Your poster will receive special attention during a dedicated poster session introduced by the session chair at the end of the corresponding oral session. It will be accessible to participants on-site in the display area in front of the conference rooms throughout the first two conference days. The pitch will be shown as part of a video loop in the main hall.

All posters will be accessible to participants with the recorded video pitches in an online poster showroom. Both remote and on-site participants will have access to a topical virtual room during the poster session, for an exchange on posters of remote presenters. The quick links will be displayed in the "conference plaza" platform, through which streamed presentations will also be accessed.

For all enquiries, please contact the conference manager:
Barbara Smith +41 21 693 6249 / cisbat@epfl.ch

  • Abstract submission 15 January 2023
  • Preliminary acceptance 15 March 2023
  • Paper submission 30 April 2023
  • Review and revisions 1 May - 15 July 2023
  • Final acceptance 15 July 2023 at the latest
  • Upload of posters/pitch videos 25 August 2023 at the latest
  • CISBAT 2023 13-15 September 2023
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