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Science meets Industry - Special Session

7 September 2017 - 16:00-18:30 EPFL SG1

Researchers and industry executives meet to discuss the paths to take toward a more sustainable development in the built environment.

This event is organised by the Swiss Competence Center for Energy Research "Future Energy Efficient Buildings & Districts", funded by Swiss Federal Commission for Technology and Innovation.


Session opening by Prof. Matthias Sulzer, Head of SCCER FEEB&D, Empa
Future Energy Efficient Buildings & Districts
Martin Patel, University of Geneva, Vice Chairman SCCER FEEB&D

16h30 Efficient Building Envelopes
Andreas Schueler, EPFL - scientific flash presentation
Rafic Hanbali, SwissInso & Emirates Insolaire

Renewable Energy Systems - Building to District Scale
Kristina Orehounig, ETHZ - scientific flash presentation
Marcel Ruegg, SIG Energy provider, Advisor to CEO


Energy Performance at Regional and National Scale
Stefan Schneider, Geneva University - Scientific flash presentation
Nahid Mohajeri, EPFL - Scientific flash presentation

Matthias Achermann – Director Amstein & Walthert

18h00 ROUND TABLE discussion with speakers
Moderation: Jean-Christoph Hadorn, CEO Group Chuard
18h30 COCKTAIL reception



Jean-Christophe Hadorn
CEO of HVAC engineering group Pierre Chuard and former manager of Swiss research program “Solar heat and heat storage”. Founder of the Institut National d’energie Solaire INES under contract from French public bodies. Frequent lecturer at EPFL and HEC Lausanne. Long experience in solar thermal and PV.


SCCER Future energy efficient buildings & districts speaker


Martin Patel
Professor at University of Geneva, Switzerland, holder of the Chair for Energy Efficiency since 2013. Vice-chairman of SCCER FEEB&D. Research focus on energy savings and emission reduction in the built environment and industry, environmental and economic assessments of technologies and systems as well as evaluations of policy programmes.


Industry speakers


Rafic Hanbali

Chairman and CEO of Swissinso, and Managing Partner of Emirates Insolaire, a joint venture with Glass LLC., a Dubai Investments Company. Has built, developed or turned around a group of companies in various fields such as technology, aviation, foodstuff, from industries to development and distribution worldwide.


Marcel Ruegg
Economist and advisor to the CEO of the Swiss energy services provider SIG, in charge of energy transition related relations with public authorities and academic institutions.


Matthias Achermann is
Dipl.-ing. FH/MBA/SIA/MBA – REG A, CEO Amstein + Walthert Genève SA and Administrator Amstein+Walthert Holding AG. Specialist in thermal simulation.



Science flash speakers


Andreas Schueler
Senior researcher and leader of group «Nanostructured materials for Solar Energy Conversion» at EPFL Solar Energy and Building Physics Lab. Research focus on novel nanostructured materials, thin film technologies, optical properties of thin films.


Kristina Orehounig

Senior researcher at the Chair of Building Physics at ETH Zurich and group leader in the Urban energy systems laboratory at Empa. Her research interests include the development of sustainable concepts in building design and operation, the integration of renewable energy systems, and the modelling and optimization of building and urban energy systems.


Stefan Schneider
Mathematician at University of Geneva, Groupe Energy/Forel Institute. Current research interests include (i) territorial modelling of heat demand, (ii) electricity consumption decomposition and load curve estimations, (iii) national scale energy system modelling to challenge the energy strategy 2050 goals.


Nahid Mohajeri
Research Fellow at University of Oxford from September 2017, and formerly at the EPFL Solar Energy and Building Physics Lab. Research interests include statistical modelling of geometric urban patterns, their energy efficiency and ecological impacts, the physics of urban form and sustainable urban development as well as impacts of urban form on the renewable energy potentials.



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