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The last years have seen hybrid platforms undergo a transition to become truly attractive and easy to use. While many participants highly value the atmosphere and informal networking opportunities offered by physical presence at the conference, hybrid conference platforms now offer a range of great tools to those who do not wish or cannot travel to the event, including the possibility to see all presentations at their leisure and very easy connection with other conference participants as well as great personalised online chats on presentations and posters.

Many universities have also put a cap on long-distance travel, knowing of the very high CO2 emissions linked to overseas flights. This should not keep you from presenting your work and enjoying CISBAT.

The following Q&A should help you decide on how you will attend the conference.

How does virtual attendance work?

All participants will be given access to the hybrid platform shortly before the conference. The platform will stream the program in realtime but also give access to presentations, posters and pitches during the conference and for a few weeks after. You will be able to present yourself with your user profile and easily network online.

  • Remote oral presenters will upload their previously recorded presentations beforehand. While the video is being shown both online and onsite, they will connect via zoom for a Q&A session. Questions will be asked both onsite and via chat online and will be transmitted to the presenter by the session chair.
  • Remote poster presenters will upload their poster accompanied by a 1' pitch video. Both will be accessible online and at the conference venue. There will be a chat channel specifically regarding your poster.
  • Online viewers will be able to watch presentations in real time or at their leisure, during the a few weeks after the conference.

Will remote attendance be cheaper?

The registration fee is the same whether you take part remotely or in person, since there is a considerable cost attached to hiring a film crew that can guarantee professional quality. This will also allow changing attendance mode should any travel issues occur. Please note, however, that neither the workshops nor the third conference day program of visits will be filmed.

Can I change to online participation if I cannot travel for some reason?

Yes, this will be possible but please let us know as soon as possible.

What are the restrictions currently valid for entry into Switzerland?

Please find all useful information on the webpage of the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health.

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