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myclimate carbon-neutrality label

Based on a partnership with myclimate, CISBAT 2023 commits to carbon offset and keeping the environmental footprint to a minimum. The hybrid mode and other measures in place allowed reducing the CO2 emissions from 153t in 2019 to 43t in 2021 (including participants' travel and lodging, infrastructure, meals etc.). Offset will benefit high-quality myclimate climate protection projects.

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  • To reduce the environmental footprint, CISBAT 2023 will offer the possibility of remote attendance; it actively encourages remote participation especially for participants whose travels would include long-haul flights (air travel to and from the conference was responsible for 90% of CISBAT 2019 emissions).
  • We invite participants from Europe to travel by train. For a calculation of CO2 emissions that can be avoided by travelling by rail enter your trip in  carbonfootprint.com. Also check out travel times: all clocked up, the difference in time and cost with travelling by plane is often not as high as expected!
    CO2 emission examples
    Munich - Geneva: Flight: 94 kg (4h45) - Car: 112 kg (6h03) - Train: 27 kg (6h55)
    Florence - Geneva: Flight: 157 kg (4h45) - Car: 120 kg (6h03) - Train: 30 kg (6h55)
    Nantes - Geneva: Flight 133 kg (4h28) - Car: 148 kg (8h02) - Train: 42 kg (6h12).
  • We distribute a minimum of printed matter and generally use recycled paper (or FSC if unavoidable).
  • Meals - thanks to our cooks' creativity, we will be able to provide excellent food without meat or fish. Non-vegetarian choices will be available at the evening event.
  • All electricity consumed at EPFL is green and heating/cooling is provided by a plant that has the capacity to heat and cool the Lausanne campus solely by drawing water from Lake Geneva and recovering excess heat from a connected data center!

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  • International scientific conference on the Built Environment in Transition
  • Lausanne & Fribourg, Switzerland
  • 13-15 September 2023